Dream a little dream…

Firstly let me say that I think the whole predicting nature of dreams and the stuff about your deepest darkest secrets is a load of phooey… doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed a good dream. I seem to lean towards the more rather abstract, particularly ones that would make rather good films (or at least mediocre horror films that gain a cult following).

Just as an example, these are some of the odder dreams I’ve experienced in the last few years.

Nuclear Wessels Bombs, Orcs and Swimming
I have no idea what country I was in, or whether it was just a dream country.

I was living in a sort of castle apartment complex, maybe a barracks, there’s lots of old furniture and even though everyone around me is speaking English, there are strange symbols that you read. As I’m minding my own business reading on my bed, the air raid siren goes off and people start running. There was been talk on the news about the possibility of a nuclear strike on the country and if a nuclear missile is launched we’ll counter it with our own nuclear missile.

So this siren is going off and I race down the stairs and get under the stairs with some other people. We pull a blanket (!) over our heads and suddenly there is this HUGE blinding flashing light, I’ve got my eyes shut tight and my head buried under this blanket. It doesn’t last for long and there if a second siren saying it’s all clear.

I stay put with the people I’m with until some troops open the door to the castle and tell us it’s fine to come out. It’s all dark and they are holding torches (as in flashlights) and guns. They hand us each a gun, and for some reason I already have a gun in my pocket that I remember I was given a few days before by someone. So now I have two guns and a torch. We start to follow the soldiers (since I’m so comfortable with the gun I’m guessing that perhaps I’m part of the army or something).

There’s burned charred bodies everywhere and a really overpowering smell (I could smell it really clearly). I go with the troops and they open up one of the other buildings, a small square one with an iron door, and
more people come out. They’re not given guns but rounded up onto big trucks, given food, water and some basic medical attention. They get driven off somewhere and we continue our search.

We come to another castle apartment complex thing, the door looks like it’s been kicked in. So I hoist my gun, hold my torch under the gun (it’s a hand gun, I also have a rifle of sorts slung over my shoulder) and follow another person into this castle. We get onto the ground floor, and pull back the blanket to find dead people who had been shot with arrows or beaten with clubs. We carry out search up to the second floor, where we find a huge break in the wall which reveals a hidden passageway. The wall is too broken for us to get through so we post two guards and are about to head up to the next floor when our torches begin to flicker. Thinking the batteries are bust or something we go back down and collect some more torches.

We head back up to the third floor but just as we shine our torches up there were see something staring at
us. He’s a big guy and looks a bit orc like, he’s holding a club and has a snarl on his lips. I yell something at him to drop his weapon or I fire, he doesn’t and starts to advance towards us, we slowly back down the stairs, all with our guns trained on this thing. Just as he raises the club, someone else fires as he does so it’s like that scene from Lord of the Rings where the two armies rush at each other, hundreds of them just appear and we race out of that building being shot at with arrows and swiped at with clubs.

We make it back to a HQ, and talk tactics. We don’t now where these creatures have come from and no one can actually put a finger on how long it’s been since the nuclear bomb was dropped. We learn that there were actually two bombs, and one was caused to explode above the country by our anti-missile defences.

There was sort of a skip in the dream at this point, and it’s much later in the year or years. These creatures have the run of the cities and we live underground. We hear their parties going on and our search parties come back with news about them tearing humans apart and eating them like chicken or just having fun. They seem to enjoy drunken parties and have found one of the big wine stores and are mostly camped there. I offer to head out a rec party, but the only way we can get near to this wine store is by swimming underwater.

We get into our scuba gear, all holding special weapons which can work after being in the water, and head out to this castle. The water is murky and every now and then you pass floating remains of humans or see cars containing long dead people on the sea bed. We make it too the castle and me and two other people keep watch on the giant metal doors that open onto a little causeway down to the water (for unloading boats I guess). We can hear the parties inside, and two other people carry on swimming under the wine stores to where they know there is a sort of wheel they can take a look up with a periscope type thing.

We wait whilst the others come back from their rec, we re-group and get back to HQ. There I learn that these creatures are running out of wine so perhaps we can supply them with tainted wine, poison them and then we can take back our cities. It seems like a good idea so we put it into practice sending someone to
them with our message. It must go well because the person comes back with minimum injuries and it seems good.

We get together this wine, put poison into it and then get ready to drive it out to the wine store. I’m part of the people swimming under the boat so I don’t see the rendezvous at the wine store. Evidentially it goes wrong because the guys in the boat suddenly start shooting and the water is peppered with arrows from creatures. The boat capsizes and I, along with some other people retreat under the boat to discuss what to do now. As we are doing that we become aware of something else in the water, it’s one of the creatures swimming out to get the wine that went over.

We don’t panic, but we scatter quickly, mostly under the stores. The creatures are clumsy swimmers to probably won’t think to luck under the water. We watch as they try to dive for the stuff. Someone goes to take a peek into the stores itself and comes back saying that they’re run out of wine and are drinking blood.

Deformed Space Bears

I was in some sort of spaceship, with a crew of about four other people. The space ship was big red and had orange furnishings, it was a sort of hexagon shape and it had those weird smooth walls you tend to see in sci-fi films. We were hunting for some strange sort of deformed bears so headed off to a planet (possibly), where we landed and went country dancing (!!).

After we country danced, we borrowed some electric type golf car things to drive over the bumpy hills to
investigate a sighting of these strange deformed bear things. Whilst we were investigating we were attacked by the bear things and injured. The spaceship came to rescue us and that’s when I woke up.

Horror Series: Part 1
Three males and two females sitting round a table eating dinner in the dinning room of a VERY posh house. There are no servants, other than a butler standing in the corner. The dinner is in silence only the clinking sound of cutlery. One of the women says, “we have to do something.” There’s more silence, and the older of the three men asks what could they do and who could they ask. There’s a strange sound and the lights go out. The table begins to rattle and the lights begin to flicker on and off. It doesn’t take very long until it is over – revealing the cutlery aligned on the table to read: LEAVE and all the plates piled neatly in the centre, empty. Everyone is clearly shaken and then one of the women screams looking up. On the ceiling is the
splattered body of one of the men. They stare in horror as part of the body drips down onto the table. “We have to call the police.” Someone replies “What can the police do?”

Car coming up the drive. There is one male, and two females all dressed smartly clearly not police. They ring the bell and are greeted by the butler who says, “they don’t know I’ve called you; as far as they’re concerned you are the new footman and maids.” They look at each other and nod in agreement.

The three ‘investigators’ are sneaking back into the house at some early hour and are confronted by the butler. He wants to know what progress they have made. “None as yet.”

Butler and the male ‘investigator’ are alone in the butler’s bedroom. The male is trying to find out what happened to the other servants, butler doesn’t know. They just disappeared in the middle of night leaving
everything as it was. The male asks why he’s still there.

Room with the ‘investigators’ in it. They are getting ready for bed, due to an early incident they’ve decided to sleep in the same room for protection and comfort. Male is saying that it’s strange that the butler was the only servant who didn’t disappear when other servants did, and that maybe he is somehow involved or knows something he isn’t telling him. Something disturbing happens in the room and they watched shocked as the walls being to drip and ooze blood.

Male ‘investigator’ running through the woods looking terrified.

Horror Series: Part 2

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I was some sort of investigator and I was with two other investigators We went to this old abandoned factory type place because strange things had been reported going on there. Cue walking around tight corners in lots of dust, dark with torches! Obviously it was some sort of slaughter factory because the place was full of scary looking machines, some with dried blood on them. We started to walk up this really narrow
winding staircase, obviously heading towards the top. We paused so that one of the other investigators could check out a small room we found half-way up. The POV of the dream shifted to these other investigator, and he (possibly) was in a tiny room with a small lamp hanging from the ceiling. He turned it on and there was a strange shape that flashed past the mirror(!). He said “Oh shit.” And then the POV shifted to the people waiting outside. There was a strange shape flash at the top of the stairs, so naturally we started chasing it. We burst into this sort of large room to find the other investigator impaled by the wrists, ankles, stomach everything onto this strange sort of contraption – every time he moved his legs/arms it turned these two great big whisk type things in a big vat of something red-ish.

(sorry not a very good drawing)

Stared up in horror, then there was another strange shape flash past us and we turned round. Then I woke up.

Horror Series: Part 3
Stared off in a caravan, for some reason I was arguing with someone about a sofa-bed. I’d seen it advertised in the paper as being for sale and we needed a new sofa-bed. Eventually the other person agreed and we
left our caravan, got in our blue Ford and drove off down the road to see about getting the sofa-bed. After driving for a long time and singing along to old 80s stuff on the radio we reached this old farm. It was a bit like what you see in American horror films – very empty save for strange impliments hanging up on the outside of the barns. As we were walking cautiously up the drive, this older guy stepped out of the barn and asked us if we were here for the sofa-bed. We said yes, and he showed us into the barn – which again was full of horrible looking instruments. The sofa bed was quite nice and we decided to take it, we asked how much because the advert hadn’t said. The guy started laughing, and then this other younger guy stepped out from the shadows.

The younger guy was biting his fingers! All his fingers were these jagged torn stump things and he was biting them! We did what any sane person in this situation would do, and started running – followed by these two characters. As we rounded a corner we found ourselves in a sort of dusty courtyard with a huge factory like thing on one side and the farm on the other. For some inexplicable reason we ran for the strange factory type thing, only for the doors to burst open and strange deformed workers covered in blood stepped out. I knocked over these barrels which turned out to be full of human gunk.

Horror Series: Part 4
I’m in a car, it’s raining quite heavily and we’re on our way for a walk in the higher ground.

There are a lot of hills, and winding roads, as we drive along we’re listening to the radio give out a severe weather warning but that doesn’t bother us, we’re going somewhere either for just for a walk or with some purpose. Eventually we get to a little sort of cove in the hills, we park the car and get out. We start to climb over the rocks and up the hills until we come to higher ground, we’re being battered by the wind so we drop down a bit into a sort of little cave.

Below the cave there is a large pool, the water is dark and being lashed by the rain. From the height we are at we can just about make out figures in the water, then we hear a baby crying, it’s crying for a long time
before we take out our mobiles and try to locate the screaming baby. It’s coming from the pool and my companion decides that there is a baby drowning in the pool and he’s going to dive in to save it – at this
moment, a figure appears and tells us not to do anything, that the pool of water is so cold it would strip the flesh from your body. My companion ignores this and climbs down the rocks until he has a clear way of diving into the pool – he dives in and there is a horrifying scream as the flesh starts to be stripped from his body. I turn away and look at the new person standing next to me, there is something strange about him but I can’t place why and I think it’s because it’s cold, raining and starting to get dark.

I turn and start to climb back down the rocks to go back to the car, but the other man grabs my arm. He has no fingertips, as if he has been biting them . He starts to pull me back into the cave, a flash of lighting illuminates everything and I can see that there are hanging people, or what once were people, at the back of the cave.


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