Steph’s Movie Review Round Up

Fantastic Mr Fox – 2/5
Lacked the charm, the darkness and the humour of the original book. Trying too hard to be clever and far too long. Not sure who Wes Anderson made the film for, I was bored and accidentally went during half-term and based on the moaning children I don’t think they were too engaged. Looked pretty though.

Plan B (3.5/5) (London Film Festival)
The basic premise was a guy dumps his girlfriend because he’s bored, sees girlfriend with another guy and hatches a plot to get back together again with the girlfriend by seducing the new boyfriend… the new boyfriend and the guy end up falling in love. A rather sweet, gentle film considering the plot could have turned malicious, it struggled towards the middle and the passage of time stills got a bit over-long. The characters were very believable and it was played very well.

The White Space (3/5) (London Film Festival)
A teacher in Italy gives birth to a three month premature baby, and the film is set in the premature baby unit at the hospital where the mothers wait for their babies to be ‘born’. A very different sort of film, nicely shot and with a very intriguing plot. In a way it made me think of Pedro Almodóvar’s films in that women are the central characters and it’s about them rather than the people around them.

Glorious 39 (3/5) (London Film Festival)
Stephen Poliakoff’s return to film. A very televisual tense second world war conspiracy thriller. Great performances from the cast, interesting story with a twist that even though I could see coming didn’t feel forced. Did feel a little long in places and felt like it would have played better as a two part TV drama but that’s not exactly a criticism. It goes on general release soon and I think it’s worth checking out, good Sunday afternoon flick.

ASSA II (3.5/5) (Russian Film Festival)
I’m afraid I don’t know how to describe this film, other than it’s a follow-up to what I believe is a generation defining Russian film (ASSA). Bizarrely compelling, amazing visuals and one hell of a soundtrack (I think Shnur is kinda the REM of Russia… I think). I don’t even think this is going on general release in Russia but if somehow you can get hold of a copy it’s worth giving a go… I saw it last Sunday and I’m still mulling over how I felt about the film. I’d really like to see ‘ASSA’ but it’s hard to find.

9 (3.5/5)
Very intriguing plot with some very interesting ideas, visually it’s absolutely amazing – steampunk fun! It’s not the best film I’ve seen but certainly something I would like to see again because the ideas are very big, and the story is… pretty dark. Worth seeing, but whether or not you see it at the cinema is another matter… might be worth it just for the design.

An Education (4/5)
A very British sort of film, with a compelling plot and interesting characters. The lead actress is being tipped for an Oscar and I think that if she got it (or was even nominated) it would be very deserved. Definitely a film to watch on an evening out with the other half.


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