Getting Work

I’m not big on making New Year’s Resolutions. There’s always the “loose weight” one, but due to my vehement dislike of exercise of any form (I’m serious here, during my years at secondary school I was very active – I played cricket, badminton and fenced regularly – but I was so demoralised by the PE teachers at school that I packed it all in, now I just walk a lot) it’s one of those “oh well, nevermind.” things – I’m actually pretty happy the way I am.

The one thing I am doing is actively seeking a new job. I’ve hit year four and due to some stuff that I don’t think is appropriate to write about on a public blog, it’s clear that this is the time to move on. Unfortunately though due to the ‘economic climate’ people aren’t moving around as much as they used to, they’re sticking with the show even if they’re bored out of their skulls or no longer enjoying what they do.

I’d actually like to get on a big show that’s opening soon, there’s more scope for building up a relationship with those you work with and getting them to take a risk by giving you something else. As I don’t want to work on a crew (and to be honest, because of my height it’s not something that would ever be offered to me) I’m limited to LX (which is fine, that’s what I want to do) but I don’t want to be tied to the same job – I spent 2yrs tied to the same ‘spot on ‘Dirty Dancing’ before I got the board op. position (originally sold as ‘LX No. 5’ with more responsibility, boy was I gullible to believe they’d stick with what they offered!), now I’m tied to my desk (I actually like board op’ing, so that’s not too bad).

I’ve been reading Paule Constable’s blog about lighting ‘Love Never Dies’, the rig sounds massive and exciting to work with. I put my CV in at stage door but I have a feeling they’ll have crewed up whilst ‘The Rat Pack’ was there since the turn over wasn’t too long. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and it’s still early days, the hard thing about getting work is that it’s all about who you know, because I’m not a pub-goer I don’t casually encounter other chief lx/production lx’s.

I’m confident though.


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