Thoughts on ‘The Sign of Three’

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Now, I didn’t like this episode as much as the previous one but I didn’t dislike it either. I thought it was very fun and I loved the character development, but the mystery felt a little forced as if they realised quite late on that as it was a Sherlock Holmes adaptation it needed to adapt something from the canon. I did like the mystery and I liked how it played out. It was an episode comparable to ‘The Blind Banker’ for me, I liked it but I didn’t love it.

Things I loved:

– The foreshadowing. CAM pays his compliments to Mary and is sorry about her parents? Oh dear.

– Mycroft on a treadmill. I’m a bit worried about Sherlock’s line “you’ve been working out again”. Is he needling his brother in an attempt to get him to reveal something personal? Has Mycroft had an unhealthy relationship with exercise in the past which is a potential cause for concern? Does Mycroft only workout when he’s really stressed?

– Red Beard. I’m voting for teddy bear.

– Lestrade literally dropped everything after months and months of work to rush to Sherlock’s side? Aw πŸ™‚

– Sherlock’s best man speech was wonderfully moving.

– Sherlock and John drunk was hilarious.

– Molly. Always Molly.

– Mrs Hudson. Her husband was running a drug cartel???? Bloody hell!

– Sherlock & Archie.

– Harry being a no-show. Poor John.

– Mycroft is in Sherlock’s mind palace.

– Sherlock very nearly having a moment with that guest, that was absolutely lovely. I felt very sorry for him when he turned round to discover that she had hooked up with the geeky guy.

– Sherlock leaving at the end was very moving. I must admit I was half hoping he’d meet Mycroft outside.



– Mycroft has something personal he’s trying to keep a secret from Sherlock.

– Mary will live but John won’t get to be a dad.


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