NaNoWrimo: First Steps

Having slept on it I had a brief “oh shit, what am I doing?!” panic.

Then I decided to stop panicking and just get on with it. I do have time in the day, especially now that the show I’m working on is settling down into show-call and we’re pretty much done with rehearsals (apart from the understudies). In the five years I’ve been with the OU, I still have rubbish essay writing discipline (I have an essay due on the 6th Nov…haven’t started, but I have a good excuse what with technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, previews and press night :P) but those times when I’m just trawling around reddit in the early hours of the morning? Yeah, I can attempt to write then.

So what am I writing?

My final creative writing assignment was to write the first chapter of a novel, it was ‘only’ 3,000 words but I did it and I reckon I have enough planned to finish the story. I like writing in genre, my first creative writing assignment I went with a noir piece, then two ghost stories. I thought about expanding one of my ghost stories but I’m not sure it’s something I can get 5,000 words out of let alone 50,000! I’m keeping it in reserve, in case I get really stuck though.

You could say I’m making it difficult for myself starting with a genre piece. That’s true, it’s not going to be easy but I’ve already done a lot of the world building and have a vivid idea of what my world looks like. I have a working title (it’s a bit shit, but I suck at titles) and my working synopsis:

title: Fire over Ice (told ya it was a bit shit 😉 )
synopsis: Following the Second Arctic War, the Imperial Airservice protects the sky above the North West Passage from pirates and the Empire’s enemies. During a routine stop over on King William Island, Lt Charles Crozier becomes aware of a plot to intercept a valuable trade ship which could have devastating implications for the future of the Empire.


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