50 Books a Year…er…yeah

For the last few years I’ve started the 50 Book Challenge. I’ve yet to finish it.

I used to devour books. I don’t any more. It’s not that I’ve fallen out of love with reading, it’s more I’ve succumbed to the distractions of modern life. I spend a ungodly amount of hours on my laptop, largely browsing reddit and other websites of procrastination. My mum once offered to buy me a Kindle, but I said no – not because I’m against Kindles (I think they’re brilliant and actually have a Kindle Fire) but because I knew I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the expensive of the purchase. I’ve only read two books on my Kindle Fire (Orange is the New Black & Game of Thrones) – I have several more…just like everything else I’ve not ‘found the time’ to read.

Perhaps next year I will eventually ‘win’ the 50 Book Challenge. I’m doing quite well on the Books You Must Read list, maybe I should finish that one first.



One thought on “50 Books a Year…er…yeah

  1. That’s a lot of books.

    I really need to read GoT. I’m just afraid because that would mean starting from the beginning, and I already know the important things that happen.

    OITNB is a book??? Wow, I had no idea.

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