HorrorBlock #1: The Great Unboxing

The NerdBlock caught my eye some time ago. The idea of getting a box of nerdly treats each month intrigued me but I was never sure if it was worth a commitment. I watched a few unboxing videos to see what the content was like and what I saw only added to my intrigue. I’m an unashamed fan of the geeky t-shirt (the majority of my tshirts come from Rift Apparel and Last Exit to Nowhere) and I collect a variety of random figures.

Last month they announced that the November HorrorBlock would contain Hannibal merchandise. I don’t know if I’ve written about my love for Silence of Lambs and Thomas Harris’s expanded Hannibal Lecter universe but Silence of the Lambs is my all time favourite film and one of my favourite books. When I heard they were making a TV series prequel to Red Dragon I was against the idea, knowing what made Hannibal Hannibal was something I wasn’t interested in. The brief scene in the book Hannibal was enough for me. I own Hannibal Rising but hadn’t read or seen the film (still haven’t). Friends insisted I’d like the series and whilst spending time with some awesome friends of mine, we watched the first few episodes of the TV series. Almost instantly I was hooked and managed to devour the entirety of series 1 over the next few days, then promptly started on series 2. I very quickly caught up with the US and had to suffer patiently for the each subsequent episode. I stayed up to about 5am to watch the series finale…on the final WWRY matinee day. Totally worth it.

So being a bit of a sucker for merchandise, I decided to give the HorrorBlock a go


The Box arrives. Unfortunately because of customs it does rather spoil the mystery when you have the box contents on the front.


Opening the box. I should say I already unboxed as I was a bit inpatient to find out so before I got my hands on it, it was very nicely packed.


You get a little card with the contents on it…in the bottom of the box which seems a bit odd. I’d put it on the top but I guess they don’t want to spoil you.


This little guy is a ‘scaler’, apparently he’ll cling to any cable. Not sure if he actually climbs said cable but I think it’ll be a great stocking filler for my brother.


This is adorable. Sadly I don’t own a car and my brother is unfamiliar with the mythos of Cthulhu so I may pass this on to a fellow geek.


Next up is a Nightmare on Elm Street film cell. I’ve not actually seen Nightmare on Elm Street but I’m familiar with Freddie Krugger. The cell is of Freddie’s face. Unsure if this is very cool or not.


I’ve heard of Tales from the Cryptkeeper but never seen anything from it. DVD promises 170mins so should be fun.


‘Fangoria’ is one of those magazines I’m aware of and have seen around (well, in Forbidden Planet & the Cinema Store usually) but never actually bought. I stopped buying ‘SFX’ & ‘Sci-Fi Now’ as I wasn’t enjoying the articles very much so even though I’m not a huge horror fan this might be a nice alternative.

Now onto the Hannibagoodies!


Heart stress ball! 😀


As I said earlier in this post, I’m a huge fan of the geeky tshirt. In October I was wearing my ‘Eat the Rude’ Hannibal tshirt, as I was walking through Seven Dials a car suddenly stopped next to me and a guy shouted “HANNIBAL LECTER!” out of the window before driving off. It took me awhile to remember what tshirt I was wearing. Years ago I bought a ‘Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane’ tshirt from Last Exit to Nowhere – sadly they no longer offer it but it’s one of my favourite tshirts. This shirt is the same quality as ones you get from Rift Apparel & the like, good but nothing special. I always buy a size bigger. This is an XL,  I’ve lost 8lbs in the last month so perhaps I’ll have to get the L in future! 🙂



My inner 12yr old got very excited at these. Unfortunately I’m not very fond of sticking things all over my laptop or other assorted gadgets so not entirely sure what I’m going to do with these. I’ll find a use for them.


So there you have it. My first HorrorBlock. Will I continue? Well I’ve decided to get December’s one as it’s a fun little gift, particularly as the exchange rate is very favourable ($19 works out at about £12). After that, not sure. I may switch my January block to the NerdBlock or ArcadeBlock, see what stuff I get there.


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