2014 – My Picks & Whatnot…

Coming to the end of another year. It seems cliche to say it but it really went by very quickly! It seems only yesterday I was battling the weather to get to Greenford Town Hall (to PAT test, very exciting), then I remember that was actually two years ago! So what of this year? Well, it’s certainly been eventful – went from working on a long running show, to being temporarily freelance then back to full employment. Makes me wonder what next year will bring!

At work the other day we discussed all going to see the new Paddington film one night after work. That’s when I realised I haven’t been to the cinema at all this year and can honestly say I’ve hardly watched any films. In previous years I’ve gone to the cinema at least once a week, maybe I should use that as a weekly treat next year. Hmm. This means I can’t really do a list of my top ten films and honestly, the last film I remember watching was How to Train Your Dragon 2. 

So what did I watch? Hannibal (the TV series). Several times. Not that I’m obsessed or anything… 😉

My Top Five TV Shows of the Year (not in any order):
1) Hannibal
2) Sherlock
3) Some Girls
4) Detectorists
5) Inside Number 9

Honourable mention: Transparent, Orange is the New Black and Doctor Who

Coming up with a list of books was again tricky as I’ve not read much this year, or listened to as many audiobooks as I used to. I’m blaming my degree studies for this, for the first part of the year I was reading tons of history books and now I’ve returned to literature I’m struggling through several books I don’t particularly like or would have ever picked up to read. Knew I should have done 20th century literature.

What did I read? Well, of the books I read the only ones which stand out are Children of the Sun by Max Schaefer, Red Shirts by John Scalzi, David Miller’s autobiography Racing Through the Dark and Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch (book 4 in the Peter Grant series), which if you look at my reading list for this year pretty much make up my entire reading!

I’ve not even been playing that many computer games. I’ve bought a lot (damn you Steam sales!), but not played that many. I got really into State of Decay (even if the glitches made me laugh) but then the character I’d spent a lot of time building up died in a really tragic way so I uninstalled the game in a fit of rage. I kept having random crashes in Bioshock despite my computer being more than capable of handling the game so didn’t get very far in – I will return to it though.

My Five Games of the Year:
1) Door Kickers
2) Deadlight
3) Spec Ops: The Line
4) State of Decay
5) Breach & Clear

Looking at this I’m wondering what have I spent my year doing. Not very much it seems! I did get to spent some time with my very lovely friends in Leicester doing Holmesian stuff and eating far too much chocolate, I went to Deen City Farm with another friend and went to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit with a good friend. This year has really been about doing stuff with friends and working.


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