Arcade Block #1: Ready Player One

Last month I received my first HorrorBlock from the folks over at NerdBlock. I’m an unashamed gamer, I spend far too much time playing games (or not playing games, my Steam library is ever expanding with fewer games I’ve physically played…this will change) but I don’t own much gaming related merchandise. I really, really want a model Normandy (from Mass Effect) but I’m not desperate enough to pay £40 for one. I really wish they made the Fallout bobbleheads because I would kill for those.

So what was in December’s ArcadeBlock?



I didn’t post a picture of the neat packing last time so here it is, neatly packed.


First up, t-shirt! Have to be completely honest, never played Super Smash Bros but I like that it’s in the GTA: Vice City style. Not a massive fan of GTA, I much preferred GTA2 to the recent ones. I have spent a lot of time on roof tops sniping people so I can steal the tank though…


A touch screen stylus in the style of a retro controller! Very cool 😀


Halo lanyard & ID holder. I’ve never played Halo and sadly I don’t wear an ID any more for work but I love a lanyard (I have a whole box of them).


Zelda egg! It’s basically what you get inside a Kinder Egg. I shall attempt to open this later.


Sonic the Hedgehog fridge magnets! I freaking loved Sonic as a kid. Spent hours trying to get through Sonic 2 on my GameGear. I can’t put fridge magnets on my fridge (it’s built in & matches my cupboards…) but I’ll find somewhere for them because the urge to play Sonic on my fridge is too great.


Portal scarf! This is unbelievably cool. In fact I’m torn as to whether I should wear it and risk getting it grubby or pin it to my wall.

So there we go. The December ArcadeBlock. Will I continue it? Until Feb at least. I’m going for one more HorrorBlock as well and then tempted to give the original flavour NerdBlock a go. I think they make for great random presents if you don’t know what to get a nerdy friend for their birthday..


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