HorrorBlock #2: The Reckoning

Yesterday my first ArcadeBlock arrived and this morning my second HorrorBlock made an appearance. Definitely a welcome treat on a freezing wet Saturday morning when I have a matinee to look forward to.

Last months HorrorBlock was themed with official Hannibal merchandise so I was very interested to see what a non-themed HorrorBlock would contain. I should probably talk about the cost of these. I’m in the UK and NerdBlock is based in Canada so the shipping does make it a bit prohibitive, the blocks start at $19.99 (£13.04) and shipping to the UK is $12.50 (£8) – grand total of £21. This is why I’m on the fence about continuing long term. It’s a fun gift to receive and typically if I were to buy the geeky t-shirt on it’s own it would be around £20 but that’s not something I do every month. They make managing your account reasonably easy, although you do have to email them to cancel and as I haven’t tried doing that yet I don’t know how easy it is. I can’t imagine they make it difficult.

Anyway, on with the second unblocking!



I let out a bit of a squee when I saw that this month there is a Pop! Vinyl. I collect these adorable critters and they’re very slowly taking over my entire flat. I pre-ordered the Hannibal ones in September and am patiently awaiting delivery, bit annoyed though as Hannibal is out of stock already and my order has been delayed despite the fact I pre-ordered in September. I think I should have got packed first. Hmph!


Here’s the new addition! I have the Phantom of the Opera one on my wishlist (another one of my obsessions) and I wouldn’t like Dracula to be a lonely monster… 😛 Here he is in his new home:


Right, back to the box…


Another tshirt to add to my growing collection. At this rate my tshirts are either geeky or freebies from companies! I have seen The Shinning and think it’s a brilliant film, and one of those rare films which is actually better than the book (I know, sacrilege!)


Oops. Upside down. Oh well. A squeezy stress toy. The eyes bulge out, this amuses me far too much.


I laughed when I got this out of the box. It’s antibacterial hand gel with a zombie focus. I’ve taken to carrying a bottle of antibacterial hand gel around with me as everyone has either a nasty cold or the ‘flu where I work and I’ve caught some annoying virus. I’ve never been paranoid about germs but the public seem invested and don’t have any qualms about infecting us all.


This is quite neat – it’s a little bar mat. I have a Memphis one in my bedroom (I don’t have a home bar and I have no idea what to do with it) and as my TV stands on a glass surface I think this is a perfect addition. I can put the remote on it! 😀


Finally, a copy of Rue Morgue – like Fangoria this is another famous magazine I’ve always wanted to read but had been put off by the import cover price when in Forbidden Planet. It’s not FP’s fault of course as it’s expensive everywhere but still…now I have something to read on the train! (I’m ignoring my essay again).


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