Going through the comic box

I’m one of those comic readers who casually picks through the bargain bin and wanders off with a small mountain of cheap comics. Forbidden Planet do this thing where they offer grab bags of four random comics for £2. You usually get issue #1’s, which can be a nice appetite wetter or tell you which ones you should be avoiding. I usually wait for the collected issues or graphic novel though as I’m rubbish at keeping up with the comics I’m interested in. I have so many free issues on my Comixology account it’s a bit embarrassing!

I haven’t had time to go through my latest grab bags so finally this evening I settled on the sofa with my comic book box and started reading.

Jupiter’s Legacy #1 by Mark Miller & Frank Quitely (3/5)
I have read Kick Ass (and seen the film). I’m not into superheroes, I find them dull (sorry) so the trope of having non-superheroes fighting crime was quite fun and led me to The Boys which I enjoy greatly. In Jupiter’s Legacy superheroes have been created somehow (during the 1930s) and the modern age it’s become all about sponsorship and appearances while the world’s problems are largely being ignored. I think they’re gearing up for superhero infighting, particularly as their superhero children are not as interested beating up super villains. If you’ve read The Boys, this comic feels like it’s filling in the story of the heroes The Boys are keeping tabs on. Might check out the graphic novel when the issues are collected together.

Genius #1 by Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman & Afua Richardson (2.5/5)
Really not sure what to make of this. It seems like a genius-intellect street kid has managed to get all the major street gangs in LA to work together under her leadership in order to take down the police. There’s a genius-intellect desk cop who is trying to catch ‘Suspect Zero’. I imagine once we find out more about her backstory and why exactly she wants to destroy the police (something has obviously happened, death of a parent it seems…) it’ll become less baffling. I don’t think I’m going to picking up further issues.

Sinergy #1 by Michael Avon Deming & Taki Soma (3.5/5)
There are monsters who keep a human visage, and there are human seers who can see the monsters for who they area. This girl finds out she is a seer when shagging her boyfriend for the first time and seeing him in his true monster form. Dad is also a seer and happens to be a monster hunter, he wants his daughter to join him in the family business. I liked this one, not overly keen on the artwork though.

Hack & Slash: Son of Samhain #1 by Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley (3/5)
I used to read Hack & Slash, enjoyed it a lot but I’ve obviously missed quite a lot as I have no recollection of the slashers finally being eliminated and Hack ‘retiring’. This starts with Hack ‘enjoying’ life as a bounty hunter, but she meets a guy who shows her that monsters are real and wants her to join him in keeping the monsters at bay. Interesting start.

Uber #1 by Kieran Gillen (3/5)
Okay so…it’s a WW2 comic where the Nazi’s have super soldiers who are capable of wiping out vast armies in one go. There’s some sort of secret weapon that a British spy is sneaking back from Germany and towards the end of issue one a Soviet sniper POW is introduced so you can pretty much see where this is going.


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