HorrorBlock #3: It came from beneath the bed

I was out when my NerdBlock was delivered so I rearranged for Tuesday which also happened to be the day my third HorrorBlock arrived so today I got to have two unboxings. It was a little like Christmas, but more geeky and with less socks (which is sad, I love socks).

I’ve been really enjoying the HorrorBlocks. The thing is, I’m not particularly into horror films – I often like the concepts but am too scared to watch them by myself. I still try, then spend half the night regretting it. I’ve got The Babadook to watch and by all accounts this is going to be one of the scary ones. Wish me luck on that. Last week I went with my mum to the British Library’s exhibition on Gothic: Terror and Wonder (it’s now finished, sorry) and it was wonderful. I love ghost stories and creepy abandoned buildings.

Anyway, what’s in the box?


This month there were two tshirts. An American Horror Story: Freak Show tshirt and a Child’s Play tshirt. I love AHS, I’m only in the early episodes of Freak Show but I’m enjoying it very much. Never actually seen Child’s Play, partly because the doll freaks me out, it is however on the list of classic horror films I really need to get round to watching. Also, due to weight loss I’m going to have to drop the size of the tshirt down. I feel quite proud by that.

A Living Dead Doll called ‘Pink Posy’ – I’ve heard of the Living Dead Dolls but don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one. Intrigued by this and I’m going to look them up later.

These made me laugh and sent me on a massive nostalgia trip. They’re little squeezy balls which act like mini-water pistols. When I was a kid my grandmother always used to have a bowl full of these in her cupboard, obviously not scary monsters (they were usually animals, very cute).

Twilight Zone #1
comic. I used to watch the original Twilight Zone repeats on TV, I’m at the beginning of an X Files re-watch (well, a lot of it is a first time watch because I don’t remember a lot of the episodes) and was thinking the other day that I really should get a boxset of the original Twilight Zone series.

Finally, another issue of Rue Morgue. I’m very much enjoying this magazine.

You can probably tell from this post that I’m a bit more enthused about the contents of the HorrorBlock than the NerdBlock. I’m still very much on the fence about continuing these, the NerdBlock probably not because the content felt a lot like the ArcadeBlock in that it was fun but nothing really grabbed me. In fact after writing this post and thinking about it I’m going to drop the NerdBlock for February. I may go back to it at a future date if the theme sounds interesting enough but for the time being, the HorrorBlock is the one which has my attention.

Update: I missed the deadline for cancelling for February, so I guess that gives me another NerdBlock to decide!


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