NerdBlock #2: Return of the Block

After receiving my first ClassicBlock from the folks over at NerdBlock, I tried to cancel but missed the deadline for February cancellations so this was my “oops” box really. Cancelling is really straight forward, btw. You email them with your details, that’s it providing of course you’re the right side of the deadline! Because I’ve been talking about these NerdBlocks quite a bit recently, I’ve been sent a link to a company called Loot Crate which offer the same sort of thing for pretty much the same price so it’s interesting to see that there are others out there.

This months block was themed ‘exclusives’, but what were these exclusives?





This months tshirt and one of the first ones I’ve absolutely no idea about. Is there a superhero called ‘The Flash’?

This is pretty neat. A drum inspired notepad. I’ve added it to my brothers birthday collection because I think he’d get a great kick out of this.

Shockingly (to some) I’ve never watched an episode of Breaking Bad. It’s on my list of things to get round to watching but there’s so many things on that list and for some reason Breaking Bad has never been a priority. I’m sure it is very good. As anyone who reads this regularly will know, I collect Pop Funko vinyl figures and this one is  Titan vinyl figure. It’s interesting seeing the difference, definitely prefer the Pop Funko style though.


Some cosplayers have partnered with NerdBlock this month and provided them with trading cards. I’m very unfamiliar with the world of cosplay and not entirely sure why I’d want a trading card game about them. Don’t get me wrong, I think cosplayers are some very talented people and dedicated, what with all the time and energy that goes into their costumes…it just seems a little silly to make them into a collectable item.


This is another of the exclusive items and I haven’t the slightest idea what it really is. It’s something called a Cliccors and it’s a bendy clicky sort of bracelet thing which you can twist & bend into many different shapes. Reminds me a bit of K’nex. My brother is an engineer (well, a chemical one) and I think he’d really enjoy playing with these.


Finally, a Star Wars comic.

The Classic NerdBlock makes me feel like a bit of a nerd failure as there’s quite a lot in the box I haven’t a clue about. I’m more of a sci-fi/cult geek (with the exception of Star Wars) apparently, because the HorrorBlock always has something I not only recognise but would buy myself when feeling like I need a geeky pick-me-up. I’ve sent my cancellation email within the deadline as I don’t feel like continuing the ClassicBlock, my HorrorBlock will continue until I run out of room for tshirts 😛


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