Fun with Stats and Getting Fit

I’ve been swimming regularly since November. Started out with a Poolmate lap counter but the battery died and whilst I was happy with the lap counting function, I realised I wanted more from a swim watch and set my sights on the Garmin Swim. Obviously not a cheap investment but finally saved up enough by mid-Feb.  I swim in a 28m outdoor pool (it’s heated, still a bit nippy at times though!) and for those interested in this sort of thing, I paid £35 for an annual membership which allows me to have Pay-As-You-Go access to the pool for £3.65 a swim (+20p for the locker). I could probably save a bit with a monthly inclusive membership but at the time I wasn’t sure about the whole thing. The other two pools near work are a YMCA & Nuffeld, both of which are £65 a month and for someone just using the pool that’s a bit ridiculous.

I keep track of my swims using Endomondo (and manually counting laps after the death of my Poolmate), so I can tell you my first swim was 0.29m and took me half an hour.

Looking at my stats since getting my Garmin Swim, I’ve definitely improved! On Wednesday last week I only had time for a quick swim and managed 812m in twenty six minutes. Compare that to my first swim when it took me half an hour to make it only 0.29m!


(Oh and these were all at front crawl (my swim watch detects stroke style & records it, it’s not the most reliable at detecting your stroke as it’s recorded a few backstrokes when I was doing front crawl but I’m very impressed it can do that in the first place!))

My best so far has been 2072m in an hour.

This is the most exercise I’ve done in years. I started running last year but I don’t enjoy it. I’ve tried the apps & programmes aimed at beginners and lazy sods like me (Zombies, Run! and the Couch to 5K one) but I just find running dull. I think it’s because I’m not someone who listens to music, or at least not the sort of music you’d run to. I get distracted by what’s around me, like the other night (I run at night) I discovered a memorial to the fire station in Erith which was bombed and destroyed during WW2. Also, Erith is mentioned in both Heart of Darkness and Robinson Crusoe (didn’t take a photo of that sign).

WP_20150223_003 WP_20150223_005

Runners always say it’s when you stop running you realise you miss it. Whenever I stop I never miss it, but when I can’t go swimming I really miss it. What I need to do is get more into a routine so I’m not just swimming on my dinner break but before work as well. I’ve got a place in a 3hr beginners fencing workshop at the end of March and if all goes well with that, I’m thinking of taking it up as the thing I do on my day off. I used to fence when I was younger and really enjoyed it but since moving to London eleven years ago I haven’t been able to find a fencing club which wasn’t posh + expensive or only meeting in the evenings. This one is called Fighting Fit Fencing and is based near King’s Cross, they do Sunday’s so fingers crossed!


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