En Garde!

no attribution givenOne of my more positive memories of primary school was a 4-day trip we took when I was 10yrs old. I can’t remember where, but what I do remember is one of the scheduled activities was fencing.

Four years later I managed to talk my mum into letting me try fencing again. Unfortunately costs eventually prevented me from becoming a full member of the club so I never went beyond the summer workshop they offered.

This was one of the rare physical activities I found enjoyable (the others being swimming, badminton and cricket…I was an odd child) so I was eager to continue at some point. Moving to London gave me access to the world of fencing clubs but alas they were all (a) really expensive and (b) never on a Sunday.

Browsing Groupon I found an offer for a 3hr fencing workshop at Fighting Fit Fencing in Islington which offered Sunday’s. I immediately bought the offer and had that “night before Christmas” anticipation feel about it. The session was hard work, particularly as despite the swimming I’m still not particularly fit but really, really fun. Afterwards I joined up as a member.

I’ve also found a nearby swimming pool which is part of my gym membership. Depending on how dead I feel my intentions are to fence then head over to the pool for a nice swim before finally heading back home each Sunday.


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