HorrorBlock #5: I know what you did

March’s HorrorBlock has arrived so that means it’s time for my favourite activity – unboxing!

I’ve got a new phone so must apologise for the quality of the photographs as this phone (HTC Desire 510) doesn’t have a camera anywhere near the same quality as my old one (Nokia Lumia 925). I could always break out my actual camera but with DropBox integration there’s a few less steps to take and I’m lazy 😛

2015-04-07 15.43.52

2015-04-07 15.44.01
First up, we have a key cover thingy. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a specific spooky clown or if it’s a genric spooky clown. I’ve added it to my bike lock key, I did want to put it on my utility cupboard key but sadly it doesn’t fit 😦

2015-04-07 15.45.11
It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what this is. It’s a buildable clockwork Mummy. I’m going to add it to my brothers Christmas collection as the birthday collection I did for him has gone down a storm. I think random little goodies are the way forward there.

2015-04-07 15.46.12-1
This is pretty cool – it’s a Hellraiser canvas. From the little descriptive leaflet, it’s by an artist called Lee Howard who is the creator of something called The Quiet Room Bears. I’m not overly sure where to put this but I’ll figure it out as it really is very nice.

2015-04-07 15.45.23  2015-04-07 15.44.23
I don’t know if this month was a sponsored month or if Daryl Dixon is just particularly cool right now but there’s two bits of Dixon central merch. What I used to call a ‘pump bag’ when I was in primary school but I think they’re really called ‘drawstring bags’. I recently bought a bag for my trainers but I could actually do with something to put my bike gear in as I can hang the bag up. I don’t actually watch The Walking Dead, I’m up to collection 17 of the graphic novels but never quite got into the series. I resubscribed to Amazon Prime recently and noticed that they have The Walking Dead on there so perhaps I should give it another go.

2015-04-07 15.46.23
And of course, this months issue of Rue Morgue. I’ve just noticed the background of this pic and would like to assure anyone that my flat is normally not untidy. One of my guinea pigs is ill at the moment so there’s significantly more hay in the cage than the normally is and the not-ill one likes to kick it around. In the box is a comfy fleece for my ill-pig to have some quiet time and the tea towel & jacket are so we can have cuddles and medication without getting everything too messy.

I’m not as enthusiastic about this HorrorBock as I have been about the others. It feels a bit empty and not really up to their usual standard in merch variety. I’m hopeful this is just a one-off as you can’t like every HorrorBlock!


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