21st Century Life: Thinking About Tech

I’m not a tech blogger but tech features quite heavily in my life. I have a passing interest in tech developments and new tech, mostly job related as lighting technology is fucking amazing!

Because of Star Trek I have always loved the idea of the automated life and I love seeing technology slowly bringing us closer to the Star Trek visioned future. My tech wish list features the Philip’s Hue, Nest thermostat (or Hive), Parrot Flower and Scout Alarm. I have absolutely no need for the security system or the Parrot Flower but I love that they exist. The fact I can link all these systems together with triggers via IFTTT really appeals to me.

I’ve pre-ordered the Amazon Fire stick. I don’t have a TV (haven’t done since 2011) but I own a TV monitor hooked up to a blu-ray player and my increasingly neglected XBox 360. I have Prime membership, a Netflix account and have set up a media server in my flat using Plex. This is partly why I see no need to connect my TV to an aerial or subscribe to something like Sky and paying for a smart TV when I can turn my current one into a smart TV though a gadget which had cost me £20 appeals (it’s now £35 but when you look at the cost of buying a smart TV it’s really peanuts in comparison).

The idea of a Steam box is beginning to grow on me after my initial scepticism, I don’t think it’s something I would ever have but much like owning a desktop PC I can seriously see the appeal. Actually, since putting down permanent roots I’m beginning to think that my next computing device should be a desktop PC (built for gaming and with three good quality monitors). Then I could get a tablet for portability.

If it were feasible I would swap my phone for a tablet. Right now I’ve had to move from the Nokia Lumia 925 to the HTC Desire 510. The Lumia has hands down been the best phone I’ve owned, the camera was marvelous, the keyboard beautifully responsive and I didn’t have to download fifteen apps to do one task! If only it had, had more connectivity with apps. Not that I’m unhappy with the switch back to Android, I appreciate the functionality, connectivity and service integration but I don’t appreciate the bundling of system apps which I can’t remove. I also miss the camera on the Nokia but there are Android phones out there which can match them, I’ve just gone for the budget replacement. My contract is up next January and who knows where phone tech will be then.

(I also need to win the lottery in order to be able to afford all this cool tech, which isn’t going to happen but I can dream 😉 )


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