HorrorBlock #7: Is anybody there?

I realised the other day that my blog has largely become a “posting what I got in my HorrorBlock” blog. Every time I say I’m going to do something more with it, like review a couple of films or games, I don’t. I really should but to be honest I haven’t watched a film at all this year. Even when I was on holiday last week I didn’t watch a film (okay, I tried to watch The Babadook but freaked myself out about 15mins in), which is a bit shocking really when I think back to the time I used to go to the cinema pretty much every day. I’ve got a very long weekend coming up next week with absolutely nothing planned (I was supposed to be doing my final exam that week but I withdrew from the module and cover had already been arranged so may as well have the time off!) so I should do something other than sit in front of my laptop.

I also have a decision to make about continuing my HorrorBlock. On Thursday night last week, the Daily Mail gossip columnist Baz Bamigboye posted on Twitter that the musical Motown is opening at the Shaftesbury Theatre in February 2016, tickets now on sale. That means that Memphis (show I work on) is not booking past October 24th so I’m out of work from October. Hopefully I can get on Motown but that still leaves a gap which again hopefully I can fill with casual work and possibly panto. Money is not tight but I need to make sure I have enough saved up in case I’m not as lucky with finding work to fill the dark period. At the moment, I it’s a fun treat which definitely cheers me up but it is a luxury.

Right so, on to the fun bit!

This month promised a piece of Hannibal merchandise so I was greatly looking forward to opening the block and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!



A Pop Funko! Will Graham! 😀 I bought the Hannibal figures when they were released a few months ago but didn’t buy this one (for no particular reason other than I bought Jack Crawford instead of having two Will’s). Will Graham can now join his friends on my DVD shelf and it means that my two Hannibal’s can have a Will each! (I actually have three Hannibal’s, one of them out of the box on my desk). Pop Funko have hinted that they will be releasing some more Hannibal figures soon and that they’ll be focusing on the female characters. I really can’t wait to have a Bedellia & Alana on my bookcase! Pop Funko have also announced Orange is the New Black figures which means I really need to find a better way to display mine as I’m running out of room!


Staring to look a bit squashed. I really want to get more of the Star Trek ones but whenever I go into Forbidden Planet they never have any more TOS ones. I want to get the Harry Potter ones as well and I read that they’re going to be doing Doctor Who ones and I definitely want a Seventh Doctor & Ace. I’m really going to have to get round to putting some shelves up.


Funny story about me & Silent Hill. I never made it passed the intro as there was a powercut when I started the game, I was thirteen at the time so this really, really freaked me out. Since then I’ve not made it more than ten minutes into the film or played another Silent Hill game. I am such a wuss :/


Often the scariest films & stories are short stories. I look forward to freaking myself out in the dark with these short films!


Creature from the Black Lagoon print. It’s not really what I’d call a print, more like a large postcard. I’m going to pin it on the pin board above my desk. I have a collection of things like this up on the pin board, adds a bit of decoration to the dull collection of parking passes and work stuff.


This is the sort of thing I love and my co-workers hate. I have many books on random trivia and thoroughly enjoy having all this random information swimming around my brain. One day I will win an obscure trivia round in a pub quiz 😛




And of course, my favourite monthly magazine. Bit alarmed to see that there’s a third Human Centipede movie in development. I never made it through the first one and was amazed they made a second one! I’m not a fan of the horror!porn genre.

So, that’s this months HorrorBlock. As always, I’m very pleased with the content and who knows, maybe between now and my next block I’ll post something other than the content! 😛


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