Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

On Sunday 14th June, I said a final goodbye to my fuzzy cuddle buddle, Bea. She’d been ill for a few weeks after a stomach upset led to a bladder infection and there were further issues her little body just wasn’t able to recover from. In the week leading to her babiesdeath, I saw that she was slowing down and wasn’t as lively as she used to be. Watching her slow decline was painful and heartbreaking, knowing that there was nothing else I could do for her. All I could do was love her and make sure she was comfortable.

I adopted Bea with her sister Bumble back in June 2009 when they were only a couple of weeks old (they were born on the 22nd May). Their mother had been found abandoned in a bin and gave birth while in foster care. I had originally intended to adopt their mother as I’d just lost my rescue piggie Mim and my remaining pig, Merlin, was feeling very lonely. The RSCPA contacted me to say that the foster carer had asked to keep mummy pig, but would I be interested in the babies? They attached a photogethertograph and there wasn’t much I could say to the two adorable fluff balls. I brought them home and got on with the introductions, Merlin took to them instantly and everyone settled in a little piggie family.

Bea started life unwanted and abandoned, I know that I gave her a brilliant life and I only wish there had been something more I could have done to help her. In the end, all I could do was hold her and tell her how much I loved her. She passed peacefully in my arms.

22nd May 2009 – 14th June 2015




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