Podcasts You Should Listen To #1: ‘The Black Tapes Podcast’

Like half the planet, I became hooked on ‘Serial‘, the podcast detailing and examining the case against Adnan Syed. I’m on the fence as to his guilt, I don’t think we’ve got nearly the whole story and there’s definitely something ‘off’ about the case, but it made for compelling listening. Through ‘Serial’ I became a regular listener of ‘This American Life‘ and ‘Criminal‘.

One thing these all have in common is that they’re non-fictional, but what if they weren’t?

This is where ‘The Black Tapes Podcast‘ comes in.


TBTP uses the ‘Serial’ format in that Alex, an investigative journalist working for the fictional ‘This America Life’-esque ‘Pacific Northwest Stories’, is investigating a series of paranormal cases involving The Strand Institute led by super-sceptical Dr. Strand (think James Randi). Strand has skeletons in his closet and a collection of tapes purporting to show unexplained or unexplainable paranormal phenomenon, Alex investigates and becomes involved with things which have them both struggling to find explanations for.

The production values of each episode are easily on par with it’s non-fictional counterparts, at times it’s very easy to forget that this you’re listening to fiction. Fans of the ‘NoSleep Podcast‘ should definitely add TBTP to their feed if you haven’t already done so. Anyone who likes horror stories should check out the ‘NoSleep Podcast’, although perhaps not late at night.

If you’re already familiar with TBTP, perhaps consider throwing them some money as they’re nearing their target goal on Kickstarter.





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