This is going to be uncomfortable…

With the change in the weather my usual swimming pool has become unbearable so I bit the bullet and joined the YMCA Central which has a very nice indoor pool. I’ve also started using the gym (well, the bike & rowing machines…everything else scares me a bit even though I’ve had an induction!) which is a huge first for me. School PE put me off any sort of physical activity and it’s only as I’m entering my 30th year I’ve started to actually care about my physicality.

I also remembered that I own a bike, and not only do I own a bike, I live alongside the Thames Path. There’s literally no excuse for me not to go out and exercise (I’ve accepted I hate running). I’m the type of person who needs a goal to aim for so I’ve set myself the challenge of cycling from Erith to the Thames Barrier (and back, if I don’t die) – a grand total of 12KM (24KM if I cycle back). To some people this might not sound like a huge distance but this is big for me. I’ve also set a date – Friday 14th August is The Big Cycle Day, Saturday 15th August is “kill me now” Day and Sunday 16th August is “shit, I can’t walk” Day.

I’m also planning to go out to Richmond Park soon. I’ve bought a camera rucksack so I can take my camera with me as it would be a shame to get all the way out there and only have my shitting phone camera.

You can follow me on Strava if you so wish.



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