Preparing for Pain: Nutrition

In preperation for The Big Ride, which I’ve decided should be to at least the Millennium Dome as I’ve ridden up to Thamesmead already (6km/4miles) and the Thames Barrer is only a further 3km (2miles) from there Greenwich is just over 17km (11miles), I’ve been trying out some sports energy snacks.

I’m already a fan of nakd & Trek bars so they are a definite in my Big Ride refueling kit, but the sheer amount of choice out there is a bit overwhelming. None of it is particularly cheap! I stumbled across a subscription box serivce called ‘Fuelify‘ which promise to provide you with a range of energy products tailored for you workout. I wasn’t prepared to take out a subscription to simply get some sample products but fortunately they offer a ‘one-off’ box for £8 which is pretty reasonable when you take into account the cost of each of the indivdual items.

In this one-off box, I selected ‘cardio’ as my main workout profile and this is what they sent me:


As you can see there’s a decent variety in the products and I’m particularly interested in the drink tablets & the recovery powder as I have been taking along some Lucozade in my bottle for the sugar kick (I’m not sure it serves any other purpose than to provide a sugar kick) but I’ve reading about the benefits of isotopic drinks during workouts. I must admit that post-swim I have to stop myself going mad buying sweets as I obviously have some sort of sugar crash and I think that my starting to understand my bodies needs during exercise I’ll be able to make bigger steps towards fitness.

I want to keep a bit of a record of which sports snacks & drinks I’ve tried so I’m going to periodically update my Review page so if anyone is following this and interested, keep an eye on that.


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