The Bike Ride – SUCCESS!


Setting out just after 10:30am, I made good time and reached Woolwich in 50minutes (11km) where I had my first snack break of the day. Refueled, I headed off on the final stretch which took me to the Thames Barrier. Have to say, brilliantly signposted for cyclists and there were cycle lanes and clearly marked cycle routes. Richmond might want to think about something similar…just sayin’ 😉

2015-08-14 12.04.30

I reached my first waypoint at the Thames Barrier in 1hr 18mins (15km from my flat). At The View Cafe I had a nice sausage sandwich and topped up my water bottle. The way to Greenwich is beautifully sign posted as well and you pass some lovely scenery on your way!

2015-08-14 13.02.40

A slightly dramatic picture of The City, taken with my potato.

I finally reached Greenwich just under an hour after I left the Thames Barrier. I cycled a total of 21km in 2hrs, which I think is pretty good going. I ended up spending more time in Greenwich than I’d originally intended because after 10km into my ride my chain started squeaking so I had to find a bike shop. Which was actually more complicated than it should have been.

2015-08-14 13.25.17

After doing a bit of bike maintenance and having a nice sit down, I turned round and headed back home. In total, I cycled 42km in 3hrs 21mins. During my ride, I had my bluetooth headset in one ear and followed the first four missions of Zombies, Run! I used Zombies, Run! when I was trying to talk myself into enjoying running but never quite succeeding. It’s great fun on a bike, particularly if you live somewhere post-apocalyptic like me! I turned off the playlists so between the voice overs, I just had silence which I enjoyed very much.

I’m already planning my next Big Ride as this was great fun.

You can check out my Strava profile for this ride if you want 🙂


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