The Second Big Ride: Erith to Beckton Park & back via Greenwich (45km)


Following my Big Ride to Greenwich, I’ve been commuting regularly by to Woolwich Arsenal by bike then from Cannon Street or Charing Cross to work. 11km down the Thames Path, which can be interesting in wet weather! As I’m off work this week, I decided I was going to do another long bike ride. Instead of following the exact same route I’ve followed before and adding to it, I figured it would be more interesting to deviate.

I decided to head towards Woolwich as per usual, then walk through the Woolwich Foot Tunnel to the North side of the river. From there, head towards Beckton Park and then back through part of the city before crossing back over the river through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, then home. In total, 45km.

I headed off after 11:30am with my new rucksack which definitely made having something on my back a lot easier. I briefly got lost trying to find the Woolwich Foot Tunnel because it’s not 100% sign posted, but for those looking for it, it’s tucked away behind the leisure centre. The tunnel is ‘no cycling’ which I obeyed, but if I was travelling late at night I would definitely break this rule as it doesn’t feel the safest for walking through late at night.


I arrived at Beckton Park and found it…disappointing. I get the impression that the council aren’t that interested in maintaining the facilities in the park because there are none. The pavilion is locked up so as a place to take a break, it’s not the best. The ride back to the ‘main section’ is through some spooky looking woods which I don’t think would be especially safe at night.


After getting a bit lost in the traffic diversions and not being entirely sure where to go (not great signs), I eventually found the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. Much less creepy than the Woolwich Foot Tunnel, I suspect this is because the Greenwich Foot Tunnel is more in use than the Woolwich one.


Arriving at Greenwich, I had another sit down and charged my headset (I was listening to a podcast, next time I’m taking my normal headset as it saves losing the battery!) before heading home via the O2 and the Thames Path. I had a very odd encounter on the Thames Path though as I cycled passed two young men carrying rifles with scopes. I called the police but it wasn’t easy to explain where I was in relation to where the guys with the guns where!

Once home, I started planning my next long ride. I’d like to cycle home from work one night, 25km in the dark which should be interesting and this is the plan for my next big ride:


Feel free to follow me on Strava! 😀


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