Operation Get Off My Fat Arse Monthly Report #1

As I promised myself last month, I’d start taking myself to account for my inactivity and post a monthly round-up of how things are going. I bought a Garmin Vivofit to replace my dead FitBit (and I have to say, it’s much, much better…might do a comparison post at some point) and bought ‘7 Minute Superhero Workout‘ (from the guys who make ‘Zombies, Run!’).


Distance Cycled: 18.98km
Not fantastic. Towards the end of last year I was regularly cycling around 90km a week, but it’s early days and I have had the excuse of technical rehearsals (and the weather). My commute will be cut short this year by about 10km as I no longer want to cycle through central London but I figure I can make this up in the gym.

Times went to the Gym: 2
Er…yeah…. 😦
As I’ve said, I don’t have a lot of time between shows so I was only able to manage to a quick 20mins on an exercise bike. This is why I’ve added the ‘7 Minute Superhero Workout’ to my toolkit. If running was something I was capable of doing, I could always run to the gym but not going to happen. The matinee show time will be changing in October which will give me more time so that’s something πŸ™‚

Distance Swam: 1000km
Went swimming for the first time since last October and felt pretty good about it. I made sure I mixed up my strokes and varied my pace. I can’t swim between shows because there isn’t enough time so I’m going to make 1000km my minimum on the day I have plenty of time to swim.

Other: up to Mission 4 on the Superhero Workout
It’s pretty fun, although my phone doesn’t have a very good front facing camera so sometimes it doesn’t detect everything I’m doing. That’s okay though, I know I did 15 star jumps even if it thinks I only did 6 πŸ˜›


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