Poem: Dream Of the Pigglecock

You know how my tag line is “ramblings of a bad poet” but yet I don’t have any examples of my poetry? Well…that’s all about to change.

Here for your entertainment/torture is my attempt at a nonsense poem.

In Garagara land where the Pigglecocks dream,
lived the great Sha-Shalod
who was the wisest of all the Lamadongo.
One day a lonely Pigglecock went to the wise Sha-Shalod
and said: “Oh wise and wondrous one, my dream won’t come true!
Each night I ask the Dongadon to grant my wish but
when I wake, it hasn’t come true.”
Sha-Shalod looked at the Pigglecock weeping at his feet,
and asked ever so sweetly. “What is it that you wish for?”
The Pigglecock looked up, and loudly blew it’s nose.
“I want to soar amongst the Humbledonks!” he cried.
“And see the land below. I want to be free from the ground
and feel the air around me.”
Sha-Shalod placed a soothing hand upon
the quivering creature below. “My dear, my
poor little creature.” (he said) “Your wish will
not come true. Pigglecocks are not meant to fly.”
“But why must that be so?” The pitiful
Pigglecock moaned. This stumped the
wise Sha-Shalod, he could not answer.
He sent away the young Pigglecock and
sitting upon his  bumblefort, his head upon
his knees, he thought and thought,
he thought for many a evalong until
he had the answer. With a cry
of “Ruzzo!” he sought out the miserable
Pigglecock, but he was too late.
The Pigglecock had indeed flown amongst
the Humbledonks and lay broken upon the rocks
below. Falling to his knees the great, the wise
Sha-Shalod cried and cursed. He vowed to spend
the rest of his days seeking vengeance against the
Dongadon who had dared make the poor
Pigglecock dream of things that simply couldn’t be.
The wise Sha-Shalod wandered the length
and breath of Garagaraland in desperate search of the
Dongadon, but he never found it.
Perhaps it doesn’t exist but the Sha-Shalod will not hear of this.
He’s still wandering today, and if you ever brave
the journey across the Hozledon and through the
Tongler, you might just make it to Garagaraland.
If whilst there you should meet the wizened old
Sha-Shalod, give him your time, tell him your dreams
and you might make them come true.


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