BuddyBox – a Hug in a Box

The BuddyBox is the ‘brainchild’ of Blurt, a mental health charity which is working towards increasing awareness and understanding of depression so this is a little different to the subscription boxes I’ve dabbled in before.

The products are picked with self-care in mind, so that could be a colouring book (colouring is relaxing…I love my colouring books), something to help you de-stress or simply just something to make you smile.

I haven’t really discussed my mental health here, not because I’m ashamed of any sort of stigma (my colleagues know and I’m fortunate to work in an industry that’s very understanding) but there’s not much I can say other than my mental health is usually fair to middling with bursts of energetic enthusiasm. I do have a diagnosis but that is something I’m keeping to myself ;).

Given the current stress I’m having over potentially failing my creative writing module which puts my degree in jeopardy (but that’s for another post), my BuddyBox has arrived at the right time.

So anyway, the BuddyBox. What’s in it?



Beautifully packed and I very much enjoy the design on this months box.


A little cross-stitch kit. I think I’m going to give this a try on Sunday.


Pin badge. He’s now pinned to my bag 😀


Sticky notes in the shape of birds (kind of looks like the Twitter logo). I use a lot of post-it notes and have a variety (including ones which look like the outline of a body…not morbid at all :P)


Foot scrub. As a followspot operator, I spend an awful lot of time on my feet. I have a foot scrub I use most nights to give my feet a nice rub so this will make a nice alternative. Smells lovely.

IMG_0091 IMG_0093

A balloon. Unfortunately, I have a crippling phobia of balloons but the tin is nice and will come in handy for keeping my puncture repair kit.


Very nicely designed postcards.



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