Operation Get Off My Fat Arse Monthly Report #2

Right, monthly report 2! April hasn’t been a fantastic month for doing exercise. I had two weeks off being healthy because it was my 30th birthday, my mum was visiting and there was Easter. I ate an awful lot of cake! (I bought a cake, mum bought me a cake and friends bought me a cake!) I intend to make up for it though, don’t worry πŸ˜‰


Total Distance Cycled: 19.3km
Not fantastic. The two weeks off my bike put a dent in my momentum. I’m determined to fix it, I cycled today (Mon 26th April) and I intend to finish off my week cycling (I can only cycle Mon, Tues & Wed this week).

Total Distance Walked: 33.5km
Total Steps: 245, 624
I decided that all the days I didn’t cycle, I was going to walk home from Barnehurst. It’s just over 3km, walking it’s around forty minutes. It’s actually quite a nice walk, straight line and you go past some very lovely houses. Incidentally, loving my Garmin Vivofit! I’m thinking of saving up for the newer one which counts stairs, partially because I’m really curious to see how many stairs I walk up and down at work during the week πŸ˜›

No gym, swimming or Superhero Workout. My phone camera is too poor to really cope with Superhero Workout, it makes it a little frustrating to get through the missions and find that it’s only counting half of what I do. I’m going to make some time this week to do work through a couple more missions but I might have to hold until I get a better phone.

I have started going to a drop-in badminton club. I used to play badminton before I moved to London and as with fencing, it’s been difficult to find a drop in social session which meets on a day I can actually go. My local leisure centre does have social badminton sessions but they’re during the week at 10am, which is not always a great time for me.



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