Hello 2017


My 2017 is going to start with a lovely scan in two weeks which I’m hoping will finally reveal what exactly is going on with my ovaries, or whatever it is. I’m also going to be starting a six-week course in portrait photography with City Lit.

Managed to read 19 books in 2016, which is a little embarrassing. Oops.

Theatre-wise, I saw quite a few productions but the best of the year was without a doubt ‘A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer’. Closely followed by ‘The Toxic Avenger’ and ‘Rotterdam’.

This year, I want to read more books, watch more films, take more photographs and continue going to the theatre. I still don’t feel well enough to commit to any physical activity but here’s hoping.


Learning the truth behind “there may be some discomfort”

I’m back from spending four days being cared for by the lovely staff at University College London Hospital. Every step of the way the staff have been professional, caring and just plain lovely. Even though I don’t have a definite answer to what happened, they have an idea and I’m in a position where I can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

So what happened?

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Operation Get Off My Fat Arse Monthly Report #3

The weather has improved and my knee is feeling stronger, so I recently got back onto the Thames Path. I’m cycling to Greenwich, then catching the Thames Clipper to Embankment. It’s awesome. I highly, highly recommend commuting by boat. I had a week off work, I wasn’t hugely lazy but I wasn’t that active during my week off.


Total Distance Cycled: 159.46km
That’s 140km more than last report. Loving being back on the Thames Path.

Total Steps: 270,070
I have stopped walking from Barnehurst for the moment as I’ve increased my time on the bike, I’m using my non-bike days as recovery and to do all the little jobs I need to do on the way home…like buy food.

No swimming or gym. Will definitely get back on that ASAP! Badminton is going well and I’m giving serious consideration to booking myself a squash court. I’ve always wanted to play squash but finding someone to play with and more importantly, find the time to play is difficult so I’m thinking about having a solo session.

Happy New Year!

My 2015:

  • cycled a total of 1020km (since July). Longest ride was 63km Erith – Buckingham Palace – Greenwich.
  • swam a total of 26km.
  • finished on a great show (Memphis), started another (Illusionists)
  • switched my final degree course from 19th Century Literature to Creative Writing.
  • Read 37 books (not including the 4 I didn’t finish)
  • went to Harry Potter World with my mum
  • Bea died 😦
  • I started fencing again but they stopped having Sunday sessions so that didn’t last long
  • got to see William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes

Not especially exciting…

Into the Wilderness

I grew up in the middle of Lancashire, surrounded by endless fields. I moved to London when I was eighteen, one of the things I miss greatly about Lancashire are the endless fields. The ability to walk and find yourself completely alone. Night time actually being dark.

One of the things I always wanted to do was go camping but I don’t come from a family who do that sort of thing. As an adult, going camping has never been on my radar particularly as I live on my own and the only time I’ve actually been on holiday was about seven years ago when I had a very nice four-day stay in Penzance, Cornwall. I’ve since realised that being on my own and going camping are two things which do rather go together.

It’s out the window for this year but next year I’ve decided I’m going to actual take more than a week of holiday at a time and go camping. Properly go camping. Camping and hiking. Not wild camping in Dartmour, that’s a bit more advanced but definitely going off camping for a week.

Watch this space.

The Bucketlist

There’s an article on the BBC website this morning about bucketlists. This made me start to think about what might be on my list.

1) Visit the puffins on the Isles of Scilly.

2) See the Northern Lights (might be tricky as I’m terrified of planes)

3) Find Franklin’s lost ships (ha!)

4) Go on a speed boat down the Thames.

5) Swim with sharks

6) Make a short film

… okay, so I’m not the most ambitions of people 😛