Wizarding World and Mission Crates

I’ve been a previous subscriber to the HorrorBlock and I do quite like the idea of geeky fun stuff in the post every now and then…so when LootCrate announced they were going to do a Star Trek Mission Crate, I was quick to sign up. Delay, after delay, after delay meant by the time I got the Star Trek Mission Crate I was a bit over the whole experience (which is why I never bothered to write about it). Still, the items were fun (nice t-shirt, Picard figure and an Enterprise D model) but I decided not to continue after the first crate. I did get some great photos of my guinea pig in the box though…

LootCrate also do a Wizarding World of Harry Potter crate and I rediscovered my love for the series after watching the utterly sublime ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ earlier this year. Despite not having the greatest of experiences with the Star Trek Mission Crate, I figured it might be a better experience this time round as the Wizarding World Crate has been going for some time. It was still delayed but not in the same way as the Star Trek Mission Crate had been.

So, what did I get? (excuse photo quality, I used my phone and the camera isn’t the best)

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Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

When Philips first launched ‘Hue’, their smart lighting system in 2012 (I think, that seems so long ago now!) I was in love. Granted, I am a lighting technician and often wish I’d pursued lighting design rather than the electrical side of things but that’s a different story…anyway, I was really intrigued by them. At the time it was massively beyond my price range so I could only watch from afar and put it on all my wishlists hoping I’d (a) win the lottery or (b) have a sudden pay increase. B (sort of) happened as I earn a pretty good living now and can actually save money!

Over time I’ve replaced my traditional GU10s with LED GU10s, with mixed results. The first set in my living room, far too dim and the replacements you can see from space! The first set had a warm light which would have been lovely if you could actually see what you were doing and didn’t have to buy a lamp, the second were far too harsh and quite painful to the point where I never switched on the overhead light. This is why I decided to go ahead with the Philips Hue lights.

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To Boldly Go…

When I was about 4 or 5, I caught an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series on early morning TV (in the early 90s). I don’t remember what episode it was and there’s a good chance it was one of the sillier ones but a bit like when I picked up the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes for the first time I was hooked. Star Trek would go on to be a very significant presence in my life but there was one thing I’d never done and never even entertained the thought of doing, going to a convention.

Until now.

On Sunday, I ventured to the NEC in Birmingham to attend ‘Destination Star Trek’. This being my first convention I didn’t really know what to expect, sadly a lack of funds meant that I was unable to purchase a bridge photo shoot or photographs with my favourites but I did buy tickets to hear William Shatner enthuse about the mysteries of the universe and to hear George Takei and Walter Koenig talk about their memories of working with DeForest Kelley. Money definitely well spent, especially in the case of latter. There were several free talks, the highlight for me being the look at the upcoming Roddenberry Vault release (which I have pre-ordered…) but at first I was a bit dismayed about the lack of things to do outside of talks.

There were a few vendors selling various Star Trek themed things but nothing that really stood out and there were only a few costumes and props on display. I don’t know what it’s like at other conventions but it all seemed a bit lacking…then I saw someone dressed in an utterly amazing Luxwana Troi costume (who turned out to be Misty Chance, a UK based drag artist who is utterly fabulous). After psyching myself up (social situations are difficult for me), I started asking the amazing cosplayers if I could take their photos I soon I was having a great amount of fun.

Yes it would have been amazing if there had been a ‘gaming zone’ (particularly as I have a several decks of the Star Trek Customisable Card Game and absolutely no idea how to play) and themed food & drink rather than just the bog standard burgers & beer but after a spectacularly long day (I had to leave my flat at 5am) I came to the conclusion that it was seeing several hundred people coming together to celebrate fifty years of a science fiction series which really made my day.

I look forward to attending more conventions in the future.


(If you want to see the photos I took, they’re up on my Instagram :))

HorrorBlock #5: I know what you did

March’s HorrorBlock has arrived so that means it’s time for my favourite activity – unboxing!

I’ve got a new phone so must apologise for the quality of the photographs as this phone (HTC Desire 510) doesn’t have a camera anywhere near the same quality as my old one (Nokia Lumia 925). I could always break out my actual camera but with DropBox integration there’s a few less steps to take and I’m lazy 😛

2015-04-07 15.43.52

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HorrorBlock #4: Don’t Look

My love affair with the HorrorBlock just keeps growing! This month there is a wonderful and awesome array of things which I would actually buy for myself! Not that the ClassicBlock’s I’ve received haven’t been interesting, they were more broadly geeky and evidentially I’m not that sort of geek. I don’t think there are many people reading this blog, or at least not many people who also subscribe to the NerdBlock’s but I would definitely be interesting in hearing from other people about their views on the blocks.

So, what did I get this month?


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HorrorBlock #1: The Great Unboxing

The NerdBlock caught my eye some time ago. The idea of getting a box of nerdly treats each month intrigued me but I was never sure if it was worth a commitment. I watched a few unboxing videos to see what the content was like and what I saw only added to my intrigue. I’m an unashamed fan of the geeky t-shirt (the majority of my tshirts come from Rift Apparel and Last Exit to Nowhere) and I collect a variety of random figures.

Last month they announced that the November HorrorBlock would contain Hannibal merchandise. I don’t know if I’ve written about my love for Silence of Lambs and Thomas Harris’s expanded Hannibal Lecter universe but Silence of the Lambs is my all time favourite film and one of my favourite books. When I heard they were making a TV series prequel to Red Dragon I was against the idea, knowing what made Hannibal Hannibal was something I wasn’t interested in. The brief scene in the book Hannibal was enough for me. I own Hannibal Rising but hadn’t read or seen the film (still haven’t). Friends insisted I’d like the series and whilst spending time with some awesome friends of mine, we watched the first few episodes of the TV series. Almost instantly I was hooked and managed to devour the entirety of series 1 over the next few days, then promptly started on series 2. I very quickly caught up with the US and had to suffer patiently for the each subsequent episode. I stayed up to about 5am to watch the series finale…on the final WWRY matinee day. Totally worth it.

So being a bit of a sucker for merchandise, I decided to give the HorrorBlock a go


The Box arrives. Unfortunately because of customs it does rather spoil the mystery when you have the box contents on the front.

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