NerdBlock #2: Return of the Block

After receiving my first ClassicBlock from the folks over at NerdBlock, I tried to cancel but missed the deadline for February cancellations so this was my “oops” box really. Cancelling is really straight forward, btw. You email them with your details, that’s it providing of course you’re the right side of the deadline! Because I’ve been talking about these NerdBlocks quite a bit recently, I’ve been sent a link to a company called Loot Crate which offer the same sort of thing for pretty much the same price so it’s interesting to see that there are others out there.

This months block was themed ‘exclusives’, but what were these exclusives?


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HorrorBlock #3: It came from beneath the bed

I was out when my NerdBlock was delivered so I rearranged for Tuesday which also happened to be the day my third HorrorBlock arrived so today I got to have two unboxings. It was a little like Christmas, but more geeky and with less socks (which is sad, I love socks).

I’ve been really enjoying the HorrorBlocks. The thing is, I’m not particularly into horror films – I often like the concepts but am too scared to watch them by myself. I still try, then spend half the night regretting it. I’ve got The Babadook to watch and by all accounts this is going to be one of the scary ones. Wish me luck on that. Last week I went with my mum to the British Library’s exhibition on Gothic: Terror and Wonder (it’s now finished, sorry) and it was wonderful. I love ghost stories and creepy abandoned buildings.

Anyway, what’s in the box?


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NerdBlock #1: In a galaxy far, far away…

Last month after a bit of dithering, NerdBlock announced the theme for the January NerdBlock as a ‘Galaxy Far, Far Away’ and mentioned something about Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. I am an unapologetic Star Trek fan, I will proudly wear my uniform and talk non-stop about the original series if anyone lets me (they never do). Also, I got a $5 off voucher.

So what is in the original flavour NerdBlock?


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