HorrorBlock #5: I know what you did

March’s HorrorBlock has arrived so that means it’s time for my favourite activity – unboxing!

I’ve got a new phone so must apologise for the quality of the photographs as this phone (HTC Desire 510) doesn’t have a camera anywhere near the same quality as my old one (Nokia Lumia 925). I could always break out my actual camera but with DropBox integration¬†there’s a few less steps to take and I’m lazy ūüėõ

2015-04-07 15.43.52

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HorrorBlock #2: The Reckoning

Yesterday my first ArcadeBlock arrived and this morning my second HorrorBlock made an appearance. Definitely a welcome treat on a freezing wet Saturday morning when I have a matinee to look forward to.

Last months HorrorBlock was themed with official Hannibal merchandise so I was very interested to see what a non-themed HorrorBlock would contain. I should probably talk about the cost of these. I’m in the UK and NerdBlock is based in Canada so the shipping does make it a bit prohibitive, the blocks start at $19.99 (¬£13.04) and shipping to the UK is $12.50 (¬£8) – grand total of ¬£21. This is why I’m on the fence about continuing long term. It’s a fun gift to receive and typically if I were to buy the geeky t-shirt on it’s own it would be around ¬£20 but that’s not something I do every month. They make managing your account reasonably easy, although you do have to email them to cancel and as I haven’t tried doing that yet I don’t know how easy it is. I can’t imagine they make it difficult.

Anyway, on with the second unblocking!


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HorrorBlock #1: The Great Unboxing

The NerdBlock caught my eye some time ago. The idea of getting a box of nerdly treats each month intrigued me but I was never sure if it was worth a commitment. I watched a few unboxing videos to see what the content was like and what I saw only added to my intrigue. I’m an unashamed fan of the geeky t-shirt (the majority of my tshirts come from Rift Apparel and Last Exit to Nowhere) and I collect a variety of random figures.

Last month they announced that the November HorrorBlock would contain¬†Hannibal¬†merchandise. I don’t know if I’ve written about my love for¬†Silence of Lambs¬†and Thomas Harris’s expanded Hannibal Lecter universe but¬†Silence of the Lambs¬†is my all time favourite film and one of my favourite books. When I heard they were making a TV series prequel to¬†Red Dragon¬†I was against the idea, knowing what made Hannibal Hannibal was something I wasn’t interested in. The brief scene in the book¬†Hannibal was enough for me. I own¬†Hannibal Rising but hadn’t read or seen the film (still haven’t). Friends insisted I’d like the series and whilst spending time with some awesome friends of mine, we watched the first few episodes of the TV series. Almost instantly I was hooked and managed to devour the entirety of series 1 over the next few days, then promptly started on series 2. I very quickly caught up with the US and had to suffer patiently for the each subsequent episode. I stayed up to about 5am to watch the series finale…on the final WWRY matinee day. Totally worth it.

So being a bit of a sucker for merchandise, I decided to give the HorrorBlock a go


The Box arrives. Unfortunately because of customs it does rather spoil the mystery when you have the box contents on the front.

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