What’s Next? (Or, time to think about resolutions)

It’s almost March. Almost three months into 2016. Where does the time go?!

Most people come up with New Year Resolutions at New Year. I never really bother with them as inevitably, I’ll break them or just never start. I have vague aims for throughout the year but never something I want to hold myself accountable for. I think that’s where I’ve been going wrong – not holding myself accountable.

The other problem is I’m never exactly sure what I want to accomplish in a year. Pretty much every year I say I want to write more but unless I’m being forced to (creative writing modules) or have a deadline (again, creative writing modules) I don’t. I used to write all the time, filling notebooks with short stories and plans for stories. I don’t really why I stopped. Right now, I’m planning a short story for my next OU assignment but I haven’t actually written anything down, it all exists as a vague idea in my head but I haven’t even attempted to put anything down on paper yet and probably won’t until it’s a little too close to the deadline. I’ve given NaNoWrimo a go but as it was a bit last minute, I didn’t have anything planned and it all crashed and burned because I didn’t have the framework in place (even deciding to use my first NaNoWrimo to plan to write a novel length story failed…!)

I go through periods of using those weekly goal tracking/habit changing apps but then I just get frustrated with myself for not meeting my goals and delete them. I’m not entirely sure that sort of weekly habit tracking works for me, I have a few goals set in Garmin for my cycling & swimming but they’re long term goals (swim the length of Loch Ness [36km], cycle the TDF distance…) and I think they’re reasonable – last year I started cycling around July and by the end of the year my total distance was 1020km, the TDF total distance is 3500km (I’ve done 51km so far, I haven’t been out on my bike much yet this year) and I easily swam the English channel distance (35km).

So what exactly do I want to do this year? I have no freaking idea.

Every year I say I want to lose weight and improve my fitness and every year I don’t. Last year I joined a gym for the first time ever and then due to work (The Illusionists had a life consuming schedule) I haven’t been able to since the beginning of November! That should change shortly as now my new show is getting closer to opening night the call times haven’t been as early and we’re getting more of a sense of when the show will be coming down on matinee days. Plus I’ve worked out a nicer route for cycling to work, instead of walking through the Greenwich foot tunnel and cycling through Millwall, Shadwell and the City if I take the river boat from Greenwich I can cycle up the back streets from Embankment. There might be less cycle lanes and protection for cyclists but the back streets are much quieter. It does mean rather than my journey into work costing me nothing, it’ll cost me the price of the river boat BUT it’s a lovely journey and I’m less likely to be killed.

Maybe my first commitment should be to blog about my efforts to get fit/lose weight and be more creative. I have various fitness trackers (well, a Garmin cycle computer and a swim watch, my FitBit refuses to charge and I’m undecided if I want to get a new one or buy a smart watch).

Screw the ‘maybe’ – my first (attempted) commitment of 2016 is to write a monthly round up of what I’ve been doing physically and creatively. Watch this space…


New Years Resolutions

I decided a while ago that this year I was going to make some changes in my life.

My five years on ‘Dirty Dancing’  coming to end has made me think about what changes I want to make and how to go about them. I’m trying to make myself go swimming, it’s annoying because it’s not the swimming that scares me but going to the leisure centre. I think it’s a social-phobia thing, knowing that I have to interact with people puts me off.

So far (with the help of 43 Things) I’ve come up with a list of 30 things I want to do (not all in the same year). Hopefully I can succeed.

1. loose weight
2. play badminton
3. Play squash
4. go to a Discworld convention (dressed up)
5. go to a Star Trek convention (dressed up)
6. Learn to cook
7. learn to programme a ETC EOS
8. learn to programme a grandMA
9. make a short film
10. Improve my photography
11. start getting up around the same time every day
12. Give blood
13. learn to drive
14. go on holiday
15. continue learning russian
16. go swimming
17. get fit
18. finish the 50 book challenge
19. learn to play one song on the guitar really well
20. finish AA100
21. finish A210 (and do well)
22. get a good sleep routine
23. write a short story.
24. explore an abandoned building
25. keep flat tidy
26. Go indoor rock climbing
27. do the ABTT bronze award
28. do the ABTT silver award
29. do the ABTT gold award
30. fly a kite