A363 Advanced Creative Writing – Activity 2.10 ‘Morning Discovery’

This activity wanted you to write a passage where the character voice was calm/relaxed, then re-write it so it was the opposite.

I also realised I write a lot of dark stuff. I need to find something more cheerful!

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A363 Advanced Creative Writing – Activity 2.6 ‘A Conversation Between a Man and his Murderer’

The activity asked us to create two characters who have differing views but have been brought together. I got a little bit carried away with mine…

A Conversation Between a Man and his Murderer

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A363 Advanced Creative Writing – Activity 1.2 ‘My Problem with Peyote’

As I knew would happen, despite the OU forums being an essential part of this module…mine is deader than the dodo. Frustratingly, there are people posting on the Facebook group talking about how busy their forums are. I’m in the London region for tutorials. Either everyone in the London region is too busy to interact or they’re not interested. I hope it’s because they’re too busy because as a student who can’t make tutorials, it gets very frustrating when you’re the lone voice in the internet wilderness.


I’m going to post some of my activities here.

Activity 1.2 is about genre. We’ve been given an opening paragraph and some titles and asked to continue it in a genre. It’s supposed to be 500 words but I ran out of steam on mine because I couldn’t work out what direction it was really going in. It’s also not very good but heh…

‘My Problem with Peyote’

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