A363 Advanced Creative Writing – TMA5 ‘Room Twelve’

This got the lowest mark I’ve ever had (just above a passing grade) so it’s obviously not a great story. Feel free to enjoy or not.

Incidentally, just in case you were wondering what happened to assignments 2 – 4. Assignment 2 was a script adaptation of assignment 1 and I want to work on this a little more and submit it to a short film contest so probably won’t post that for awhile. Assignment 3 was a commentary on someone else’s assignment so bit pointless and assignment 4 is a plan for the final assignment. Assignment 6 is an extract of the final plan.

Considering it’s a creative writing course, you do very little assigned creative writing (2 pieces of fiction, 1 script and one free choice).

Anyway, here is my story ‘Room Twelve’.

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A363 Advanced Creative Writing – TMA1 ‘Ten Days in September’

Ten Days in September

12th September 1943
Mrs Roberts died this morning.

I was sent out to find wood for a fire, the ground is too frozen for us to bury her. We buried her children last month when the ground was softer, her husband a week later. I’ve lost count how many people are buried on the grounds, my sister and parents among them.

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Reckless Ideas at 2am

It’s 3:24am and I’ve just finished signing up to attempt NaNoWrimo, the challenge being to write 50,000 words by the end of November. It’s highly, highly unlikely I can complete such a thing in such a short space of time – it look me an embarrassingly long time to write 3,000 words for my final creative writing assignment! I did it though and that 3,000 words is the first chapter of a steampunk-esque story I have basically mapped out in Scrivener. Perhaps if I can get some writing squeezed in between my literature assignments and the general pissing about on the internet I do I may have a a decent novella out of it.